This world needs more Trustworthy Thought Leaders

Imagine IfAre you a Thought Leader?

Do you feel that you have the pulse of a community?  Do you have a sense of what people want and need before they even tell you?

If you are that type of person, then you are also the type of person that people listen to.  You may not even notice that people rely on your opinion.  You aren’t aware of the important role you play in their lives because you are busy “doing” and not sitting on the sidelines watching.

The Unsung Thought Leaders

Thought leaders often don’t recognize the skill that have to lead others and guide good decisions.  This type of leader isn’t serving his or her ego, they are serving the community or the world at large by just doing what feels right.

We are in dire need of more leaders like you!  In a world full of corrupt politics, honest thought leaders are needed to bring us all to a better way of living with one another.

However, leading a movement or an activist group may feel overwhelming.  It may be more than you want to take on.  Did you know that the “big” thought leaders started out on a much smaller scale and their following grew in relation to the value they provided?

Simple Ways You Can Make an Impact as a Thought Leader

There are other ways that thought leaders can help their community and perhaps one of these ways will appeal to you.


Your participation in a community project can raise the level of the entire volunteer group without ever putting the focus on you.  You lead by just being true to who you are.

Look for volunteer projects that speak to your passion.  If you see a need in your community – consider pulling together your own volunteer team.  Remember you are a natural leader and people will respond to your sincerity and enthusiasm.


Think about submitting thoughtful articles to your community paper.  Most communities have a small local publication and typically these publications don’t have full-time writers.  Your voluntary contributions would be appreciated.

You will be amazed at how quickly you will build a following of like-minded folks in your area.  Communities are starving for a trustworthy and honest voice.  The fabric of communities started to unravel as we become globalized but now there is a strong desire to be community-based once more.

Its more important than ever to know your neighbor and to support your community.  You could be a catalyst in strengthening the bonds in your area.

Forum Contributor

There are hundreds of topic specific forums on the internet.  Often these online communities are divided into two camps – those that truly want to offer their expertise and those that want to sell you something.  Keep the level of the forum high by adding to the ranks of true helpful experts.  Share what you know and help others address frustrations and problems.

This is also a good way to expand a side-interest.  Thought leaders are always hungry to learn more.  As you see where the needs of the forum are, you can focus your learning in those specific areas and become even more of an asset.


The internet has ushered in a new era of social validation.  We tend to patronize establishments and use products based on the reviews they get.  If you aren’t in the habit of leaving reviews, give thought to how your experience and your honesty can help others have a good experience.

Thought leaders have learned to see through marketing ploys and form their own opinions.  Consumers tend to trust the review of these thought-leaders more than the corporate sales jargon.  Add your voice to the marketplace.  You are needed!

If you are open to the idea of giving an honest account of your experience, I am in need of book reviewers.  Please visit here to learn about my Thought Leader Book Review Team.

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