Using Trello and Your Reminders App

Reminders App tasksTrello vs. the Reminders App

Do you have trouble remembering to do routine tasks that have to be done monthly, quarterly or sporadically?

I have to say this is one area where Trello doesn’t shine.  Trello can’t do repeat tasks and calculated deadlines.  So I recommend you take a little departure from Trello and look elsewhere for a better solution to recurring tasks.

There is a very simple Reminders Apptool that you can use that keeps in the theme of “FREE.”  That tool is the little used –  often overlooked Reminders app on your iPhone.  This little app is awesome at repeat tasks and sending you reminders.

Here’s how you can use it:

  1. Create a new list called Recurring (or whatever works for you)
  2. Enter a task and then hit the little “i” in a circle
  3. Slide over the toggle for “Remind me on a day”
  4. Enter a date that you want to be reminded the first time
  5. Then click on repeat and enter the repeat pattern

You can create a custom repeat pattern if one of the preset ones doesn’t fit your need.

I use the Reminders app for things like:

  • Remembering to charge my Fitbit twice a week
  • Giving the dogs their heartworm medicine monthly
  • Changing out the water filters bi-monthly
  • Making a grooming appointment for the dog every 8 weeks

Why the Reminders app works so well

You can set the alarm style and a little “1” in a red circle will appear until you mark the task as completed.  What makes it effective is that even if you don’t hear the alarm, the visual notification stays on the corner of the app.  So every time you turn on your phone it is there waiting for you – constantly reminding you that there is something you need to take care of.

Once you click the task as done, the app automatically sets up a reminder for the next time.  You don’t have to do anything.


So that is how you conquer recurring tasks!  Once you start using the Reminders app for this, you will find there are all kinds of repetitive things you want to “set and forget.”  

What do you worry about forgetting?

How about:

  • Anniversary presents
  • Birthday cards
  • Watering the plants

Get in the habit of using the Reminders app and free up a little hard drive space in your brain.  Your mind will thank you.

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