How Annual Vacation Planning Can Give Your More Vacations This Year

Annual Vacation PlanningTaking the Big Picture of Vacation Planning

Are you missing the biggest opportunity when it comes to vacation planning and traveling in general?  Most people only think in terms of one vacation at a time and wind up limiting their travel opportunities as a result.  Don’t be one of the crowd!

You are invited to elevate your planning to the “Big Picture” when it comes to traveling and vacationing.  When you look at the total travel picture for an entire year, you are able to plan more trips while spending less.  

You want that right?  More vacation, less expenses!

Let’s dive in together and build a great big travel picture for the year.

The Annual Vacation Planning Companion Course

This course will get your started with your travel planning and if you have the Annual Travel Plan Journal, you can use this course to guide you through all the steps included in the journal.

You will learn how you can plan a year’s worth of trips so that you can stretch your dollars the furthest while taking in the widest range of activities possible.  Great vacations do not have cost a lot of money.  By taking the time to plan each adventure on paper, you will see how to make each vacation amazing while staying true to your budget.

Find the course on Udemy.

As a special thank you for visiting the blog – you can get a reader discount on the course.  Just enter HEALTHYME into the promo code box.

The Annual Travel Plan Journal

I know you are excited to get started planning your year of vacations.  I also know you want to get the most out of your vacation planning and not miss a thing.

With that in mind, the Annual Travel Plan Journal was created specifically to help you plan your entire year with as little hassle and headache as possible.

From brainstorming ideas to capturing your thoughts after the trip, this journal allows you to store all of your travel plans in one place.

Paperback Version

Kindle Version

Want to get the vacation planning journal free?  Enroll in the Udemy course and you will get a PDF version of the journal as part of the course.  Enroll here.

Bonus Vacation Planning Playlist

Load these songs into your music player for a fun soundtrack to use while you are brainstorming vacation ideas.

Vacation Planning Playlist


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