Thought Leader Book Reviewer Team

Honest Book Reviewers Needed

Are you a thought leader?  Do people listen when you speak or turn to you for advice?

I am looking for thought leaders to provide honest reviews of Amazon of my books.  Would you consider joining the book reviewer team?

My Mission

My mission in life is to help women live happier and healthier lives.  I create journals and workbooks that are focused on taking action or implementing concepts.  I put a lot of thought and care into the words I type.  These books reflect my soul.

I need to get my books into the hands of as many people as possible so that I can help these readers increase their health and happiness.

Book Reviewers Help My Mission

Finding FreedomIt is hard for a book to be found on Amazon when there are thousands of new titles being published every week.

Book reviewers help books rise in the search results.  By leaving honest reviews, you can help a book’s ranking.  The more reviews a book has, the more it will appear in related search results.

Also book reviewers help potential readers decide if the book is right for them.  As a thought leader, you have your own unique perspective on what you read.  You may capture the essence of the book better than I did.

You may be able to share a nugget that resonates with the community.

I am interested in HONEST book reviews.  You don’t need to say you liked a book if it didn’t strike a chord with you.

Thought Leader Book Reviewer Team

If you would be interested in sharing your thoughts and helping the reading community find books that meet their needs, then please join my Thought Leader Book Reviewer Team.

How it works:

The Walking ChallengeEach month you will get a newsletter with the new titles that are available for review.  You can review as many or as few books as you would like.

Specific instructions are detailed in the newsletter but here is an overview.

  1. You let me know what title you are interested in via email.
  2. I will send you a PDF version of the book.
  3. After you have read the book, you leave a review on Amazon.
  4. You let me know that you have completed a review.
  5. You are then eligible to review another book if you would like.

I hope you will help me to spread health and happiness through my books.  Please join the team below.

I promise to respect your email and not spam you!

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