Summer Photo Storytelling

Summer Photo Storytelling

Photo storytelling is a great way to preserve memories.  Photos let you transport yourself back in time and relive special moments.

This summer you are invited to craft a story that tells about your experiences.  Capture the mood of summer, the story of your child, a special event or go abstract and tell the story of the nature of summer.

The Summer Photo Storytelling course will guide you through the steps necessary to tell the story of your summer in photos and captions.  You will learn how to craft your story and take amazing photos.  There is even a companion journal to track your progress and even to capture your actual story.

Preserve this summer so that you can revisit it for years to come.

Now that you’ve learned how to about photo storytelling, it’s time to get started.  As mentioned, you can organize all your thoughts and tell you story in one place.  You can find the companion journal to this course on Amazon and Createspace.

Paperback Version

Kindle Version


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