Summer Fitness Challenge

Summer Fitness ChallengeGet Ready for the Summer Fitness Challenge

Your amazingly fit body awaits…

Do you have a desire to push yourself physically but lack the determination and motivation to stick to your fitness plan?

If you know you want a fit body then it’s time to approach fitness from a different angle.  This summer I propose you try out the Summer Fitness Challenge.

What is the Summer Fitness Challenge?

I’m glad you asked.  The Challenge is a summer-long plan to push yourself physically be setting a fun but BOLD goal.  The Challenge isn’t about doing 30 minutes of cardio a day.  Not at all!

It’s about setting a big hairy audacious fitness goal and then using the entire summer to achieve it.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to run a full or half marathon.  Perhaps you’ve always wanted to participate in roller derby or try paddle boarding but were afraid to get started.  Whatever it is that you’ve wanted to do, make this summer the one where you finally do it.

My personal goal is to finally run a 5k in under 38 minutes.  (Yes, I am that slow.)  My best time was right around the 38-minute mark over 16 years ago.  I am spending the summer doing the Insanity workout 3 days a week and one 5k a week.  By the end of August I want to be at 37 or less minutes for my 5k time.

You may not think that is a big hairy audacious goal but believe me it is.  I will feel so accomplished if I can do it.  I will take me being in the best shape of my life to hit my mark and that is what my goal really is – to be in awesome shape at 46!

What will you do this summer?  Give it some thought and write me a comment.  What do you want to commit to doing?

Summer Fitness Challenge Guide

If you want help, I’ve put together a great training video on the Summer Fitness Challenge and how to design your own.  By the time you are done watching this video, you will be ready to brainstorm your own personal challenge.

To that end, I’ve also included a suggested brainstorming playlist down below.  Listen to the playlist while you are thinking about what you want your summer fitness challenge to be.  Be sure to check that out at the end of the post.

Because I appreciate your visiting my blog, you can get the course with a special reader discount.  Just follow this link to get your discount.  If you don’t see the discount applied, use HEALTHYME in the promo code box.


The Summer Fitness Challenge Planning Journal

Every great challenge needs to be planned out thoughtfully.  To help you get the most out of your Summer Fitness Challenge, I’ve created this companion journal.

The journal has pages to walk you through all the steps outlined in the video above.  Plus it has motivational quotes throughout to remind you of why you are doing the challenge and what is possible for you.

There are pages at the end of the book to write the “story” of your challenge.  You will want to document the highlights and the funny stories that happen on your journey this summer.  Affix photos of before, during and after your challenge.

This journal will not only tell the story of your challenge, but it will become a keepsake to reflect on for years to come.

Plus it makes a great gift.  Recruit your friends and family to join in your challenge or to complete their own.  Give them a journal and the link to the course above and let them create a big hairy audacious goal for themselves.

The Summer Fitness Challenge Journal is available both in paperback and Kindle versions.

BONUS – If you get the Summer Fitness Challenge Guide course you will get a free PDF version of this journal.

Paperback Version

Kindle Version

Summer Fitness Challenge Brainstorming Playlist

As promised here is a suggested playlist to use while you are brainstorming.  Load up the listed songs in your favorite music player, find about 30-40 minutes of uninterrupted time and have at it.  Use your imagination and add your own favorites to the list.

Summer Fitness Challenge Motivation Playlist

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