Stress management self-care guide for busy women and mother’s

Stress management seems like an impossibility as the stress levels of most women today have hit chronic levels.  Stress is inescapable.  However, you can take simple steps to start feeling better right away.  In time, you can recover from stressful moments faster.

You owe it to yourself to invest just a few minutes watching this short video series and discover what is possible when you start to take better care of yourself.

If you are truly ready to dive into self-care and stress management, I strongly suggest you start a journaling practice.  Try out different self-care strategies and journal about what works and what doesn’t work.

At the end of a month of testing out different practices, you can then decide what you liked and incorporate those items into a daily self-care practice.

I went through this process myself and it has made a huge difference.  My stress is still there but I am better able to cope with it and I have noticed I have many more moments of feeling happy.

I have both a morning and an evening self-care routine.  I change them up seasonally so they always feel fresh.

To get the Mother’s Journal and start your own 31-day journey into self care, click the link to purchase on Amazon. Available in paperback or kindle version.

The Ultimate Mother's Journal: A Month-long Journey into Self-care by [Price, Julie Ann]This 100 page journal is beautifully designed in full color with journal prompts, space to write and inspirational quotes throughout.  The paperback version make’s a great Mother’s Day gift, birthday gift or Christmas gift.

Choose the kindle version if you already have a favorite journal that you like to record your thoughts in.  Read the prompts from the e-book and then journal your response in your own journal. A portion of the profit from this journal, and all journals I sell, goes to the Rainforest-Alliance.


Kindle e-Book

Special BONUS:

Here is the Feel-Good playlist.  Be sure to create a playlist in your favorite player like Amazon Music or iTunes.  Feel free to add or delete songs so that the playlist is tailored to you.  Enjoy!

Feel good playlist to help you manage stress

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