Stress management self-care guide for busy women and mothers

Self  Care GuideStress management seems like an impossibility as the stress levels of most women today have hit chronic levels.  Stress is inescapable.  However, you can take simple steps to start feeling better right away.  In time, you can recover from stressful moments faster.

You owe it to yourself to invest just a few minutes watching this short introductory video and discover what is possible when you start to take better care of yourself.  To see the full course – visit Udemy.  To get this course at a special discount see below.

There have been over 630 course enrollments in the four weeks since I launched this course.  I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who downloaded the course from Udemy.

For those that haven’t yet enrolled, look below the video for a special discount code.

If you are truly ready to dive into self-care and stress management, I strongly suggest you start a journaling practice.  Try out different self-care strategies and journal about what works and what doesn’t work.

At the end of a month of testing out different practices, you can then decide what you liked and incorporate those items into a daily self-care practice.

I went through this process myself and it has made a huge difference.  My stress is still there but I am better able to cope with it and I have noticed I have many more moments of feeling happy.

I have both a morning and an evening self-care routine.  I change them up seasonally so they always feel fresh.

To enroll in Self-Care for Busy Women on Udemy follow this link to get the course for just $10.  The course comes with the full Self-Care journal in PDF form – over 100 pages – as part of your enrollment bonus.

To get the Self-Care Journal in PDF form and to watch the entire Self-Care course go to today. Start your own 31-day journey into self care.  As promised enter promotional code SELFMY2017 to get the course at a special discount.

To purchase the Kindle or paperback version of the journal only, click the link below to purchase on Amazon.

The Ultimate Mother's Journal: A Month-long Journey into Self-care by [Price, Julie Ann]This 100 page journal is beautifully designed in full color with journal prompts, space to write and inspirational quotes throughout.  The paperback version make’s a great Mother’s Day gift, birthday gift or Christmas gift.

Choose the kindle version if you already have a favorite journal that you like to record your thoughts in.  Read the prompts from the e-book and then journal your response in your own journal. A portion of the profit from this journal, and all journals I sell, goes to the Rainforest-Alliance.


Kindle e-Book

Special BONUS:

Here is the Feel-Good playlist mentioned in the course.  Be sure to create a playlist in your favorite player like Amazon Music or iTunes.  Feel free to add or delete songs so that the playlist is tailored to you.  Enjoy!

Feel good playlist to help you manage stress

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Do you crave more control in your life?

Do you crave more control in your life?You are not alone if you want more control in your life. Our society today moves so quickly that very hard for you to feel any sense of control.

The world feels “bigger” because we are so connected and information comes so readily and in such large amounts at us.

It is true that much of what we experience on a daily basis is out of our control.  We have little say in politics and the antics of our leaders.  We can’t control the weather that is becoming more intense and unpredictable with every week that goes by.  We can’t even control our own budget with prices rising but income flat-lining.

So what do you do when you crave more control in your life but feel like every day you lose a bit more?

Here are a few tips to increase your sense of self-control and thus increase your sense of happiness and well-being at the same time.

Stop Trying to Please Everyone

You know everyone’s reality is personal right?  You know that 5 people experiencing the same event will come away with 5 different descriptions of that event, right?

So why are you trying to mold yourself to fit the reality of everyone around you?  You have no idea what will please another person because you can’t see reality through their eyes.

Let it go.  Stop trying to “get it right” by pleasing everyone.  At the end of the day, all you wind up doing is running yourself ragged and second-guessing your actions.

Act according to your values and your sense of what is right and wrong.  Be ok and even be expecting others to not agree or be pleased with your actions.  If you know going into any given situation that some will just not be happy, then you get a little more freedom and little more confidence to do things “your way.”

You gain more control over the situation by acting the way you want to.

Stop Overthinking

This goes hand in hand with your people-pleasing nature – stop overthinking.  When you try to please your friends, family and co-workers, your mind goes into overdrive thinking of all the possible outcomes of your actions.

Give it a rest.  The more you think, the more stress and the less clarity you will have.  Thus, the less control you will feel.

Stop the thinking and check in with your gut.  Deep down you know how you want to react in a given situation.  Do what your gut tells you is right and stop thinking 7-steps down the road as to what COULD happen.

If you spend more time in action and less time overthinking, you will get more done and you will feel more in control.

Get Comfortable with Change

The world is changing rapidly and will continue to do so.  The more you can get comfortable with this aspect, the more control you will gain back in your life.

If you accept change is as natural as breathing, then you don’t have to fear it.  You don’t have to cling to the way things “used to be.”  Embrace new things and new ways of doing activities.  View life as an adventure full of surprises.

Here’s your control factor – you get to control how you embrace the change and how you incorporate new aspects into your life.  Instead of fighting and pushing against the change, flow with it.

I know this sounds a bit too “woo-woo” but really, if you want more control in your life, you have to increase your ability to be flexible.  Rigid control won’t work any more.

Flexibility is in – rigidness is out.

Let Go of the Past

Again, this pairs right up with getting comfortable with change.  Let go of things that are no longer relevant or no longer work.  Just because you always did things a certain way, doesn’t mean that is the best way to do them today.

Just because you had certain responsibilities yesterday, doesn’t mean the same ones apply today.

Free yourself from the past as you embrace change.  You get to reinvent your processes, your activities and your lifestyle on a regular basis.  Decide to have fun with it and you will get control back.

Lighten Up

Lastly, don’t expect perfection from yourself or others.  We all screw up.  It’s part of the human experience.  Learn to give yourself some leeway to make mistakes.

I have always said you learn more from your mistakes than from getting it right.  If you can lighten up and accept ahead of time that you will do something incorrectly, then you don’t have to fear it and you can keep moving forward.

Progress always puts you back into control.  The more progress you make, the more control you gain.  It’s when you stand still, afraid to make a mistake that you lose control.  Staying still allows the world to pass you by and move without you.  Where’s the control in that?

Action Steps

To sum it up, forgive yourself for your imperfections, flow with change, let go of the past, act instead of thinking and when you act, act according to what your gut says.

If you can do these things you can enjoy more control in your life.  You will feel like you are the creator of your life instead of a helpless bystander.

You will never be able to control about 60% of what happens around you but that precious 40% is all yours.

What will you do with it?If you want more control in your life, there are 5 things you should learn about yourself which will give you a great sense of well being and happiness.

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Natural Stress Relievers and Easy Stress Treatment Ideas

Want to find natural stress relievers?  Want a stress treatment that is easy to do?  Want to avoid drugs and bizarre stress management techniques that no one would ever do?  Find great natural stress relief ideas right here.

On this page you will find many of my favorite ideas for reducing stress and getting relief from anxiety naturally.  Many treatments are so simple that you can do them instantly.  Finding great natural stress relievers doesn’t have to be hard.

You will find tips on essential oils and herbs.  Plus tips for dealing with anxiety and insomnia.  I hand picked great articles and natural remedy product suggestions that will help you finally get some relief and hopefully better sleep.

Feel free to pin any ideas that you want to come back to for later.

8 Natural Stress Relievers

8 Easy Natural Stress Relievers You Can Do Now right from home or the office.  Find a quiet place where you can develop a daily habit of reducing stress naturally.  If you commit to a few strategies every day, you will notice you have a lot less stress.

Six of these 8 natural stress relievers you can do right from your home without any effort. Acupuncture and cognitive behavior therapy take the assistance of a professional. I suggest trying the stress tips you can do yourself first before spending money. See if the relief you get is enough for your level of stress.


Natural Treatments for Anxiety

Natural Stress Treatments including supplements and sound advice.  When in doubt, go get a massage!

There’s nothing like a massage to relieve anxiety. However, there are many other anxiety-reducing treatments you can do on your own. Pay particular attention to the amount of sunlight and B12 you are getting if you feel anxious on a daily basis.


22 Tips for Work Related Stress

Work related stress is one of the biggest reasons people get sick.  You need to make reducing work related stress a top priority without resorting to drugs.  Natural solutions are just as effective without the negative side effects.

Stress happens in your head but it is felt and cured by your body. Always remember that you have the power to cure yourself. Start with your thoughts as the tips above suggest. When you can tame your thoughts you can tame your stress.

Article Here.

Easy Stress Relievers

Never underestimate the power of music to relieve your stress.  The right soundtrack can do wonders for you.  Take a moment and create a

What you can learn from this list is the power of combining stress relieving strategies. Think about your senses. How many can you involve at once to reduce anxiety and stress? Can you light a lavender candle while sipping tea and listening to some soothing music as you sit outside? What a powerful stress reducing habit that could be.


Natures Medicine for Stress

Nature provides all the drugs we need.  Take the time to learn how nature can cure stress and relieve anxiety.

The solution to stress is all around us in nature. If you can’t get it right from the source, there are hundreds of socially responsible sources out there. Take the time to learn about natural stress relievers and then find your go-to sources.

Learn More.

Even More Natural Remedies for Stress and Anxiety

Taking a bath or sitting in my hot tub is my favorite stress reliever.  How about you, what is your go-to stress buster?

Not only are these natural remedies good at reducing stress, they are just plain good for your health. Even if you don’t feel stressed, try incorporating one or more of these into your daily routine.


Throughout this post I shared with you great tips to reduce your stress. While many of the tips repeated, I hope that will show you just how effective they are.

Again, I recommend combining strategies to truly not only relieve your stress but to eliminate some daily stress entirely from your life.

Follow My Natural Remedies for Stress Board on Pinterest

Natural Stress Relievers are so much better than man-made drugs.  Nature has done a great job of providing you with the cure to your stress.  Learn what natural treatments you can do right now from your home without spending a dime.
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How to Stop Hating Your Body

Stop Hating Your BodyDo you hate your body?

You are not alone.  Eighty percent of women are dissatisfied with their body.  Eighty percent – that is a pretty depressing statistic.

So if your in the majority, does that make it ok to hate your body?  Well, let me ask you, how do you feel?  Do you like hating your body?  Are you happy?

Of course not – so hating your “bod” isn’t a good thing.

The Effects of Hating your Body

When you have a poor self-image, you are drained of all enthusiasm for life.  Even little things like hanging out with friends are tainted with the “comparison-gremlin” who takes stock of your friends and points out how you fail to measure up to them.

And you can absolutely forget about enjoying a meal with friends, with family or even all alone.  The “guilt-gremlin” monopolizes the conversation with how bad your food is, how much you are eating and how many calories you are consuming.

You have a whole host of other gremlins chattering away all day at you as well.  The “your-not-good-enough-gremlin,” the “nobody-like-you-because-you-are-fat-gremlin,” and how about the all time favorite – “you-have-absolutely-no-will-power-gremlin?”

No wonder by the end of the day, you are completely exhausted and just want to flop down on the couch and drown your sorrows in a bowl of popcorn!  You’ve been beaten up all day.

The Picture Perfect Body

In your mind you have an ideal image.  The woman you think you should look like.  Maybe it’s an actress, or maybe it’s an imaginary version of yourself – but everyone has that perfect chick in their mind.

Here’s the deal with little miss perfect – she doesn’t exist.  No matter how close you get to that image, she will just move further away.  You will never have slim enough thighs, a trim enough waistline or firm enough arms.  Forget it!

The ideal image is a moving target. If you are not satisfied with your body now – you won’t be satisfied no matter how you mold or shape it.  Perfection will always elude you.

The Secret to an Amazing Body

The secret to having an ideal body is to love your body right now – with all it’s imperfections.  I know – not the answer you wanted.  Sounds a bit like a cop out – doesn’t it.

Well, its time for a dose of reality.  You will always want what you don’t have unless you learn to appreciate what you do have right now.

I am not sure if it’s a w0man-thing, an American-thing or a generational-thing – but whatever it is, we are trained to always want more/better/faster everything.  However, you can break this vicious cycle of hating your body.

How to Stop Hating Your Body

theholidaykate_winsletWhen you accept that you can’t win by hating your body – it’s time to raise the white flag and accept yourself just as you are.

Corny?  Yep – you bet.  But as they say in one of my favorite movies, the Holiday, “I am looking for a little corny in my life.”  Let go of what TV commercials and magazines say you should look like.  Comparing yourself to models hasn’t worked so far, so let’s try something new.

Start a Body Gratitude Journal.

Start every day by writing a few sentences about what you like about your body.    Do your arms work today?  Can you brush your own teeth?  Can you dress yourself?

Already your body is doing things for your that thousands of people wish they still had the ability to do.

How about your health?  Are you strong enough to get out of bed?  Well enough to make yourself breakfast?

What about the beautiful brain of yours?  Are you smart enough to hold a job?  “With it” enough to get the kids off to school with everything they need?

We can go on and on – and I encourage you to do so.  Every day!

Become a VIP Member and download our Free Gratitude Journal.  (A new journal is delivered every month.)

The Benefits of Loving Your Body

When you stop hating your body and start loving it instead some amazing things happen.

First off, the gremlins are forced to take a day off.  Since you are not being beaten down all day, your energy soars and you have plenty left at the end of the day.

Maybe you don’t feel like flopping down on the couch.  Maybe instead you feel like taking the dog for a walk, or maybe just spend a few minutes dancing around your kitchen to your favorite song.

(Highly recommend Katrina and the Waves – “Walking on Sunshine” for kitchen dancing 🙂 Just sayin’ )

Once you train your mind to look for positive things about your body, you will shift your focus from the negative to the positive and more and more positive things will come your way.  You will start to enjoy meals when you focus on the positive aspects of them.  You will enjoy your friends more when you focus on all the ways you are healthy like them.

It becomes a snowball of good feelings after you make the shift.

What do you need to do next?

You may start healthier routines, or eating healthier foods…or you may not.  The point is, when you lift the weight of guilt and depression that comes from hating your body off your shoulders, your mood will improve.  Your body will use the fuel you give it in a better way, you mind will be clearer to make different choices and your energy level will be higher to motivate you move more.

You don’t need to focus on forcing changes.  Start appreciating your body and let your body draw you toward healthy changes effortlessly.

It all starts with a simple Body Gratitude Journal.  Grab any notebook or if you want to have a set of journal prompts to help you along, download the guided Body Gratitude Journal by becoming a VIP Member.  Either way, take steps right now to appreciate your body.

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The Happiness Challenge – A la Volunteerism

Take the Volunteer Challenge

Take the Volunteer ChallengeHappiness is only a volunteer moment away!  Take on the Volunteer Challenge.

Over 60 million people spend time volunteering on an annual basis.  Why?  Because the more you give, the more you get in happiness.  Volunteering feels good.

The challenge for your this month is to find a way to volunteer some of your time each week.

Here are some suggestions for how to find time to fit volunteering into your busy schedule.  You will get the happiness benefits without overloading your schedule.

Volunteer Challenge Suggestions

Help a neighbor with household chores.  Perhaps winterizing or summer-izing their home, repairing something or make it easier for them to get in and out of the house.  Perhaps you could even pick up a few things for them when you do your weekly grocery shop if they give you a list ahead of time.

Write to a specializes in soldier who don’t get much mail from home.  Write a letter.  Don’t know what to write share a poem or song lyrics, tell a funny story, share a heart warming new story, create images with a special message.

Arm wrestling to raise money – You have to love this one.  The Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers use arm wrestling to raise money. (  They support various charities around the country.

Adopt a fire hydrant – Cities like Boston have formal programs but you can just do this on your own.  Find a fire hydrant that is often buried in snow or weeds and make it your mission to keep it clear.

Help others get donations – Have a gift for writing or speaking convincingly?  Try helping other charities get the donations they need by writing or calling on their behalf to garner items that they have posted on their wishboard. –

Record your voice – Help others who cannot speak create a vocal translator.  By recording 2-3 hours of speech, your voice can be used to set up a speech program form someone who does not have the ability to speak. Visit for more information.

Yard sale for charity – Host a yard sale and give all the proceeds to charity.  You will get a double benefit from this one.  Not only will you support a great cause, you will declutter your home.

Be Santa’s helper – Some post office’s participate in a letter drive during the holidays.  The collect letters to Santa from underprivileged children and distribute them to volunteers.  You can write back and purchase a small gift for one of these children.  Check and see if your local post office participates.  If it doesn’t – perhaps you could be the one start this in your community.

Use your brain – Are you great a trivia?  You can use your brain to feed others. donates 10 grains for rice for every question you get right via the World Food Programme.   Have a little fun for a good cause.

Start Your Volunteer Challenge Today

These are just some ideas that won’t take you a lot of time and many that you can do without even leaving home…or your neighborhood 🙂

Your volunteer challenge is to pick one small thing from this list or an idea of your own each week this month.

Get your family and friends to take the volunteer challenge too and share the good vibes.

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