The Happiness Challenge – A la Volunteerism

Take the Volunteer ChallengeHappiness is only a volunteer moment away!  Take on the Volunteer Challenge.

Over 60 million people spend time volunteering on an annual basis.  Why?  Because the more you give, the more you get in happiness.  Volunteering feels good.

The challenge for your this month is to find a way to volunteer some of your time each week.

Here are some suggestions for how to find time to fit volunteering into your busy schedule.  You will get the happiness benefits without overloading your schedule.

Volunteer Challenge Suggestions

Help a neighbor with household chores.  Perhaps winterizing or summer-izing their home, repairing something or make it easier for them to get in and out of the house.  Perhaps you could even pick up a few things for them when you do your weekly grocery shop if they give you a list ahead of time.

Write to a specializes in soldier who don’t get much mail from home.  Write a letter.  Don’t know what to write share a poem or song lyrics, tell a funny story, share a heart warming new story, create images with a special message.

Arm wrestling to raise money – You have to love this one.  The Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers use arm wrestling to raise money. (  They support various charities around the country.

Adopt a fire hydrant – Cities like Boston have formal programs but you can just do this on your own.  Find a fire hydrant that is often buried in snow or weeds and make it your mission to keep it clear.

Help others get donations – Have a gift for writing or speaking convincingly?  Try helping other charities get the donations they need by writing or calling on their behalf to garner items that they have posted on their wishboard. –

Record your voice – Help others who cannot speak create a vocal translator.  By recording 2-3 hours of speech, your voice can be used to set up a speech program form someone who does not have the ability to speak. Visit for more information.

Yard sale for charity – Host a yard sale and give all the proceeds to charity.  You will get a double benefit from this one.  Not only will you support a great cause, you will declutter your home.

Be Santa’s helper – Some post office’s participate in a letter drive during the holidays.  The collect letters to Santa from underprivileged children and distribute them to volunteers.  You can write back and purchase a small gift for one of these children.  Check and see if your local post office participates.  If it doesn’t – perhaps you could be the one start this in your community.

Use your brain – Are you great a trivia?  You can use your brain to feed others. donates 10 grains for rice for every question you get right via the World Food Programme.   Have a little fun for a good cause.

Start Your Volunteer Challenge Today

These are just some ideas that won’t take you a lot of time and many that you can do without even leaving home…or your neighborhood 🙂

Your volunteer challenge is to pick one small thing from this list or an idea of your own each week this month.

Get your family and friends to take the volunteer challenge too and share the good vibes.

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