Finding Freedom

Freedom is the one thing we all cherish and find important.  However, do you know how much of your freedom you have given away?

By playing by the rules of work, family and society as a whole, you have given away a lot of your freedom – and you don’t even know it.

You need to reclaim your freedom – and no – I am not talking about creating a big global movement,

You need to reclaim your everyday freedom.  These are the little freedoms you give up as you move through your typical day.

Think about how you behave at work.  How much is dictated by the work culture? by your boss? by your colleagues?

Challenge yourself to exercise your freedom muscles by doing one thing each day to reclaim your personal freedom.

In the course introduced below – Finding Freedom – you will learn what steps you can start to take to recapture lost freedom.

You can enroll in the above Finding Freedom course on Udemy by following this link.  Plus as a special thank you for being a blog reader, I have a reader discount coupon for you.

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As a companion to this course, there is also a Finding Freedom Journal which gives you over 20 different freedom exercises for you to use to strengthen your freedom muscles.

The journal comes with beautiful motivational quotes and room to take notes on your progress.

Find the journal on Amazon in Kindle version or on Createspace in paperback version.

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