price_new Hi, I am Julie Ann Price and I am on a mission to inspire one million women to adopt a healthy, eco-conscious and and joyous lifestyle in 3 years or less.

I believe we all ultimately in search of happiness.  Whether you pursue happiness through a better job, a new home, a fun-to-drive-car, or a getaway vacation, the goal is always about what will make you feel joy.

Unfortunately for most of us, that feeling of joy is fleeting.  Vacation memories fade and new “stuff” gets old.  The true key to living a happy life lies in the experiences you create for yourself.  It takes creative and thoughtful planning to design an uplifting lifestyle.

This is where Beauty With A Cause comes in.  This blog is about helping you design your home environment, sculpt your physical body and engineer your habits to promote a happy and healthy lifestyle.

You can have the lifestyle of your dreams on any budget and in any location.  It is not about “stuff.”  It IS about you and how you experience the world.  Come join me on this journey and lets redesign your lifestyle together.

Julie Ann


At B-cause I have a mission to help one million women live happier and healthier lives.  I also am committed to making customers a  central part of the work I do.  Relationships are extremely important to me and I want to support you in your path to happiness and health.

To that end, each month I invite one VIP Team member to dedicate a journal to a special woman in her life.  I dedicated the first journal I released to my mother but all the others are dedicated by my customers.

Please be sure to read the dedication page in each journal you read from me.  Each one celebrates a special woman.


I am committed to supporting the environment as well.  A portion of all the sales across my entire business is donated to the Rainforest Alliance.  The planet holds the trump card in all our lives.

We destroy the planet, we all lose.  I think of the earth as the great equalizer – it doesn’t matter how smart you are, how rich you are or what color your skin is – we are all dependent on the health of our planet to survive.

I support the Rainforest Alliance because I believe rainforests are absolutely essential to the the health of our planet and they are being destroyed needlessly by deforestation.  We have better options and we are smart enough to know how destructive our actions are.  The deforestation has to stop.

We need those better options made accessible to the average person.  I will be the first to admit that I can do more to protect the environment and each year I try to do a little better than the year before.

Do whatever little bit you can do too.  Finder a kinder way to live and be in harmony with the earth.