price_new Hi, I am Julie Ann Price and I am on a mission to inspire one million women to adopt a healthy, eco-conscious and and joyous lifestyle in 3 years or less.

I believe we all ultimately in search of happiness.  Whether you pursue happiness through a better job, a new home, a fun-to-drive-car, or a getaway vacation, the goal is always about what will make you feel joy.

Unfortunately for most of us, that feeling of joy is fleeting.  Vacation memories fade and new “stuff” gets old.  The true key to living a happy life lies in the experiences you create for yourself.  It takes creative and thoughtful planning to design an uplifting lifestyle.

This is where Beauty With A Cause comes in.  This blog is about helping you design your home environment, sculpt your physical body and engineer your habits to promote a happy and healthy lifestyle.

You can have the lifestyle of your dreams on any budget and in any location.  It is not about “stuff.”  It IS about you and how you experience the world.  Come join me on this journey and lets redesign your lifestyle together.

Julie Ann