5 Second Rule

Have you read the 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins yet?  It is a great book about a technique you can use immediately to make progress with changes in your life.

Want to lose weight? Want to stop worrying about everything?  Want to stop procrastinating?

The little 5 Second Rule will help you do just that.  It is so simple, yet so effective.

I really enjoyed the book but felt it was missing some actionable exercises.  I created the 5 Second Rule Workbook and Course to help you implement what you learned in the book.

Below is a short intro to the course.  As a thank you to you for visiting the blog, you can get the course at a deep discount.  Look for the coupon below the video.

To get the 5 Second Rule Workbook course just use this coupon and enroll on Udemy.  The course takes you though the basics of the 5 Second Rule in case you haven’t read the book.  Then it shows you how to use the workbook and access the PDF version of it.

Click her for the Coupon Code.

Workbook 5 Second RuleIf video isn’t your thing, you can get the workbook on Amazon or Createspace.  The workbook is over 100 pages long and contains exercises in the areas of weight loss, worry reduction and ending procrastination.

Find the 5 Second Rule Workbook here:

Paperback on Createspace

E-Book on Amazon.


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